15 Natural Ways to Help Your Body Make More HGH


Human growth hormone, commonly known as HGH, is the hormone responsible for a wide variety of imperative processes in the human body. As the name suggests, this hormone helps you grow. In children, it is vital for proper bodily development, but it’s still essential as you grow older. Unfortunately, your body produces less of this hormone after the age of 30.

In order to give your body a boost and help your human growth hormone levels stay high, there are many options available to you. Some of these options are expensive and potentially dangerous, with some of them even being illegal.

Instead of spending a fortune on risky HGH treatments, there are many natural methods you can use to increase your body’s growth hormone production. Let’s look at 15 super and safe ways to help you stay healthy.

1. Sleep Like a Baby to Get More Out of Life

sleepYou may not know but it’s when you are asleep that your body does most of its growing. Science has shown that the human body secretes growth hormones on a constant basis, but production levels become much higher when you sleep.

Sound sleep is therefore necessary if you want to experience fast muscle growth and fat loss. Growth hormones also help to boost your libido and strengthen your bones, so you need to ensure that you are getting lots of good night sleep.

It’s not just the amount of sleep you get that counts, but also the quality of it. The deepest and most peaceful sleeps will help your body produce large amounts of growth hormone. If you find yourself tossing and turning in the night, there may be an interruption to your hormone secretions.

Doctors and experts recommend that you get around eight hours of quality sleep per night. It can also be helpful to go to bed early as the body’s hormone production is most efficient around midnight.

Still, sometimes it’s impossible to stick to a rigid sleeping schedule. Perhaps you work late or other circumstances prevent you from getting sufficient quality sleep per day. Your body can still benefit from little naps throughout the day, so you shouldn’t be afraid to sleep as often as you can.

Here are some simple tips to help you sleep better:

  • Keep the temperature of your bedroom steady. Avoid rooms that are too hot or too cold.
  • Avoid drinking too much before heading to sleep. Be sure to avoid caffeinated drinks as they will keep you awake.
  • Use different kinds of therapy or relaxing music to help you fall asleep.
  • Avoid stimulating activities before bed like watching TV or using a cellphone.

  • Develop a pre-bed routine and stick to it each night. This will help your body to prepare for sleep.
  • One significant tip is to make sure that you sleep in a darkened room. Even in the middle of the day, be sure to close curtains or blinds to keep the environment as dark as possible. The darkness helps your body produce more HGH.
  • Wear a sleep mask to help yourself drift away to a peaceful sleep.

Melatonin Supplements: What Are They and Why Should You Care?

You might also consider taking melatonin supplements to improve the quality of your sleep. Melatonin is the sleep hormone that helps you to sleep better. By taking this supplement, you will have a better chance of getting good quality sleep each night. Be sure to inform your doctor and ask what dosage to take before you try it.

2. Exercise Regularly to Encourage Ample HGH Secretion

One effective way to keep your body healthy and raise your HGH level is to exercise regularly. Experts recommend for you to exercise for at least half an hour per day.

Depending on your own fitness levels and goals, you can engage in a whole myriad of activities. You might want to start with something simple, like a walk around the local area or a short bike ride, but you could also take up sports, dance classes or weight training for more early and significant results.

ExerciseExercise works to boost your growth hormone production levels. This is especially effective if you work out in the morning. In addition, exercise helps you to lose weight and lower stress levels. These factors will also help your body secrete higher amounts of HGH.

3. How Fasting Helps Keep Your HGH Production High

Fasting is a proven technique to keep your body rich in HGH. Insulin in your system lowers your HGH production levels, so it’s vital to cleanse your system of insulin from time to time.

Fasting helps lower your blood sugar levels and stimulate your body to produce human growth hormone in higher amounts. Experts recommend you fast on a semi-regular basis. The ideal fast should last for around 12 hours each day. You should repeat it three times per week.

The easiest way to do this is while you are sleeping. You could eat dinner at 7 p.m., and then wake up the next morning and have breakfast at 7 a.m., for example. Drink plenty of fluids while you fast to avoid dehydration. This next step ties into this tip.

4. Say No to Big Meals Before You Go to Bed

heavy mealsYou should not eat heavy meals at least two to three hours before bedtime. Eating heavy foods before you go to sleep can interfere with various bodily processes. It can lead to sleep troubles, weight gain and digestive complications. It also impairs your body’s insulin response, which can reduce the secretion of human growth hormones.

Serological testing has indicated that the production of growth hormone decreases when the levels of insulin are high in your body.

5. Decrease Your Pounds to Increase Your HGH Production

If you are obese or clinically overweight, you are at a higher risk of sleep disorders like apnea and snoring. Besides, obesity slows down the secretion of HGH. In order to keep your body producing sufficient amounts of human growth hormone, shed those pesky pounds.

You can take up exercise, improve your diet and take yoga to be in shape. When you lose weight, you will also stay healthier in other ways, too.

6. Just Don’t Smile, Laugh Often to Maintain Your HGH Levels

depressionLike with many other bodily processes, the production of HGH begins in your mind.  When you overload your life with anxieties or depression, you are automatically decreasing your chances to get the best benefits of this powerful hormone.

Enjoy your favorite things and take time out to relax each day. You could also take up breathing exercises or consult a counselor to deal with any ongoing big issues of your life. Feeling happy and having fun will certainly help your HGH levels rise. So, laugh out loud and see your human growth hormone surging.

7. Detox Your Liver to Raise Your HGH Levels

The liver is an extremely vital organ in your body. It works to cleanse your system of toxins and other waste products. Unfortunately, toxins can clog this organ and decrease its efficiency overtime. This can easily occur if you eat junk food or drink alcohol on a regular basis. To stay healthy and keep your HGH levels high, it’s of high significance to look after your liver.

To do a good liver cleanse and help this organ function correctly, detox your body from time to time. There are many different detox techniques, but most of them involve eliminating junk foods, exogenous drugs, alcohol and other contaminants from your diet that are damaging your body and other organs. You can then replace these unhealthy elements with detoxifying products like clean water and organic produce.

8. Boost Your L-Dopa Levels

L-Dopa is a chemical related to dopamine. Your brain releases dopamine and helps to lift your mood and make you feel happy. This chemical makes you sleep well and also aids with the production of human growth hormone.

herbal supplementsHere are some simple ways to give your L-Dopa levels a boost:

  • Consume a variety of herbal supplements that works to promote L-Dopa concentration. They are easily available online or in your local health store.
  • Eat foods rich in amino acids L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine, such as beef, seafood and poultry.

9. Stay Away from Rich Carbohydrates and Feel Better, Too

Carbs are usually rich in sugar and can cause your body to produce an excessive amount of insulin. Insulin can hinder HGH production. It’s therefore significant to adjust your diet to lower those insulin levels.

To feel better and raise your HGH at the same time, just cut down on the following culprit foods:

  • Sodas
  • Sugar-Rich Cereals and Breads
  • Cookies and Chips
  • Processed Fruit Juices

10. Focus on What You Can Eat, Not What You Can’t

There are plenty of specific foods that you should start eating. Here’s a list of the best foods to aid with HGH secretion:

Fava beans bring you therapeutic benefits.

fava beansThese beans are well-known for their therapeutic benefits. These super beans are rich in L-Dopa that speeds up human growth hormone production. Fava beans also help your body to produce other vital chemicals and hormones like dopamine and testosterone.

Goji berries will help you produce more HGH.

Goji berries are becoming more popular in recent times for their remarkable health benefits. These healthy berries are rich in vitamins and minerals to help your body function properly.

Goji also contributes to growth hormone secretion because it is rich in sesquiterpenoids, which trigger your pineal gland to increase the secretion of human growth hormone. Goji Berries also contains L-Arginine and L-Glutamine, which furthermore increase the HGH production.

Pineapple will help improve the quality of your sleep.

According to experts, consumption of pineapple before going to bed increases the production of HGH. This is because pineapple can boost melatonin and serotonin secretion and thereby help you sleep better each night. And, when you sleep better, your body produces more HGH.

Pineapples also boost testosterone levels and keep you healthy in many ways, including your sexual health.

Grass-fed beef for rich amino acids.

If you want to get the best health benefits from this meat, choose beef that is grass-fed. Grassfed beef is no less than a superfood because it is loaded with bio-active amino-acids, along with constituents like coenzyme-Q10 and carnitine.

The presence of amino acids and other beneficial chemicals such as L-Glutamine, L-Valine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and L-Leucine helps in the production of human growth hormone.

Yogurt can encourage your body to make more HGH, too.

Unpasteurized and organic yogurt is rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids, such as L-Glutamine, which helps to encourage HGH production.

Coconut oil can help you boost your HGH in a flash.

If you are looking for a curative oil to add to your diet, look no further than coconut oil. Studies have shown that this type of oil will boost HGH production within 30 to 90 minutes after consumption.

Raw chocolate is your brain’s best friend.

Chocolate works well at lifting your mood. This is because it helps your brain to release dopamine, which also aids to increase HGH production. Chocolate contains a chemical called tryptophan in high quantities. This chemical directly affects the pineal gland, boosting growth hormone secretion.

Be sure to eat the chocolate raw, as heated chocolate will lose its nutritional value.

Eggs are the perfect food for bringing you better health.

EggsEggs contain all of the vitamins and minerals necessary to start a new life. It’s therefore predictable that these foods are rejuvenating for your health. Athletes and bodybuilders usually consume them in big portions for their rich protein content and their ability to enhance the secretion of growth hormone.

Add algae for more HGH.

Chlorella and Spirulina are two types of algae that are good for your health. Algae will usually contain ingredients that can help your body produce lots of HGH.

Parmesan cheese is low in fat, yet high in proteins.

Parmesan cheese is extremely rich in proteins and helpful amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of hormones and new cells.

Watermelon hydrates your body and is high in an important amino acid.

Watermelons are rich in L-Citrulline. This is an amino acid which works to synthesize HGH and also helps the body to grow.

Raisins are a small food packed with big benefits for your body.

RaisinsRaisins are rich in L-Arginine, another super amino acid used in bodily growth and HGH production.

Raisins are also capable of boosting your testosterone levels, which can help with libido problems and other issues.

There’s nothing bad about nuts for your HGH production.

Almost all of the nuts are rich in proteins. Specifically, most nuts contain L-Arginine, which is a vital amino acid for HGH production. This amino acid is commonly present in HGH supplements.

Whey protein can keep your muscles strong.

You can easily spot huge containers of whey protein in your local health store. They are widely consumed by bodybuilders. This type of protein is popular for its ability to immensely boost your body’s muscle mass. It does this by heightening the production of human growth hormone.

Gelatin desserts are delicious and good for you, too.

You can find gelatin in a variety of desserts. This ingredient is rich in L-Glutamine and encourages your body to create ample of HGH.

Why water is your body’s most basic and most important need.

drink at least eight glasses of waterWater might sound simple, but it’s one of the most vital resources on the planet. Hydration is the key to keep your body functioning optimally. You should drink at least eight glasses of water each day to stay healthy.

Not only can water help your body to function properly, but it can help you to produce high amount of HGH.

Lemons add sunshine to your water.

Don’t be afraid to add a few splashes of lemon juice to your water each day to increase your secretion of growth hormone. Lemon works to stimulate HGH production because of its alkaline nature.

Beets can boost more than just your HGH.

Beets can boost testosterone production and your HGH levels too. They are a nutritious food for helping your body to grow. They are also alkaline in nature, which means that can neutralize any excess acids in your system and provide a safe environment for HGH to function.

This next one may surprise you.

Colostrum is the milk that mammals produce for a few hours after giving birth to a baby. This type of milk is extra rich in protein and nutrients and helps escalate the growth phase of a newborn. Fortunately, you can also try colostrum to up your levels of HGH. You can find colostrum powder in health food stores.

Raw milk is good, but get it from a reputable source.

milkBefore protein supplements existed, bodybuilders and athletes relied on dairy products like milk and eggs to build up their muscles. Milk provide all of the needed ingredients that a young baby needs to grow, so it’s no surprise that it can be considerably effective at helping with HGH production too.

Make sure to buy your raw milk from a reputable source, so you don’t get sick. You can ask your doctor, nutritionist or your local health food store staff.

11. Add Some Super Supplements to Activate Your HGH

Now you know about natural foods that you can add to your diet to make more HGH, but there are also a few effective and safe supplements you can include in your regimen. Here are some examples:

GABA: GABA stands for Gamma-Butyric Acid and is a natural chemical found in the brain. It contains glutamine, which works to directly encourage the pituitary gland to produce extra HGH. Studies have shown that GABA supplements are able to increase your body’s growth hormone levels enormously.

Ideally, you should take this supplement just before going to bed when your body is preparing to release growth hormones and produce new cells.

It is worth noting that your stomach acids will break down this supplement and render it relatively useless in small doses. Therefore, large amounts of GABA supplement are necessary for best results.

muscle massCreatine: Creatine is one of the best supplements for muscle growth. It is commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes because it encourages your body to produce more muscle mass at an incredibly fast rate. It works by raising your HGH levels naturally.

You can easily locate this supplement at your nearest health food store.  If you want to benefit from extra HGH, consider this supplement a top priority.

Glutamine: Glutamine is one of the vital amino acids that work to create HGH molecules and new cells. Experts recommend that you take glutamine supplements before workouts or before sleeping. This is a fast-acting supplement and will help you see results in no time.

L-Arginine: L-Arginine is another important amino acid for muscle growth and bodily development. Studies have shown that the use of this supplement can speed up HGH production exponentially.

L-Leucine: L-Leucine is one of the building blocks of growth hormone and L-Leucine supplements have proven to be quite effective in trials. This supplement can help you lose weight and boost muscle mass, as well.

L-Ornithine: Japanese studies in recent times have shown that small amounts of L-Ornithine is able to help your body produce three times as much HGH as normal. Other studies have supported this claim, too.

Subjects who have taken 10 grams of L-Ornithine supplement just before weight lifting sessions have exhibited huge gains in HGH.

Alpha GPCGPC: The final supplement on our list is Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC) or Alpha GPC. You should consume it in a dose of 600 mg after workouts or exercising to stimulate the release of HGH. Early results are impressive and GPC is becoming popular for the huge muscle gains it is able to provide.

12. Get Sugar Out of Your Diet to Increase Your HGH

Sugar-rich foods increase levels of insulin, which in turn lowers HGH and testosterone production. Sugar makes you gain weight and may cause cardiovascular problems, as well.

Besides sugar rich carbs, other forms of sugar can interfere with your hormonal balance too. Sugar is present in a wide variety of foods, even healthy ones like fruits and vegetables. Thus, it’s significant to be careful about balancing your diet.

This is specifically true for the post-workout period. If you consume sugar after exercising, your body will lower the secretion of HGH.

13. Take Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D to Stay Strong

Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins for muscle development and human growth hormone production. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in manifold processes which help your growth hormone levels to increase. In order to keep your HGH levels high, you should get plenty of vitamin D in your body.

Sun is the primary source of Vitamin D. So, don’t be afraid to spend some time outdoors in the sun; however, be sure to cover your skin and protect yourself with sunscreen though. You can also find vitamin D supplements online or in health stores.

14. Make the Most of HGH Boosting Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the latest super foods to gain popularity in Western countries. It helps to boost testosterone levels and increase HGH production too. Studies have also shown that fenugreek is an effective growth hormone booster.

Fenugreek, also called as Methi, has been used for years all across Asia for its medicinal and energy-providing properties. It is effective for the treatment of diabetes and heart diseases as it has the capacity to drop blood glucose levels and saturated fatty acids.

You can easily get fenugreek in your local grocery stores. Try eating its leaves raw or add fenugreek seeds to salads and your recipes.

15. Fill Yourself Up with Healthy Proteins

You should focus on foods that offer you plenty of protein with low amounts of carbs. Mixing carbs and proteins isn’t good for your digestive system, so avoid foods like ham sandwiches or burgers. Instead, eat healthy steaks where the meat has come from trustworthy sources. This will make your insulin levels stay low and your body can take full advantage of the proteins you consume.

Healthy proteins will help your body to synthesize various growth hormones and build new muscle cells too. You can find plenty of healthy proteins in:

  • Lean Meats
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy Products

Human growth hormone can work wonders to you overall health, but it’s vital to get this hormone through the right way. Avoid the dangerous and illegal methods of raising your HGH levels. Instead, go natural to escalate the secretion of human growth hormone and help your body stay safe, energetic and young.


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