What Needles Do I Need For Hgh Injections


If you have been looking into the idea of getting HGH injections, you are not alone. Many people are using human growth hormone on a regular basis and seeing phenomenal results.

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary gland. One of the main reasons that people inject this into their bodies is that, after a certain age, the body begins to stop producing the hormone on a regular basis.muscle

In your early twenties, the pituitary gland begins to slow down its production of this hormone, and the aging process begins to accelerate.

Its primary purpose is in the development of the human body, especially in regard to your organs, bone structure, muscles and your inevitable height.

When injected into your system, it can actually help you regain some of your youth, making you feel better than you have in many years.

If you are skeptical about HGH, and its benefits, yet you are interested in these injections to improve your state of well-being, in this article we will discuss the positive and negative aspects of HGH injections, and also explain what type of needles you need to use for the injections that you will take on a regular basis.

Before describing what type of needles that you should use to inject HGH into your body, let’s provide a little background information on the substance and how it may be beneficial for you.

As we mentioned before, this is a natural substance that occurs in your body, produced by the pituitary gland. Decades ago, the only way to gain access to this hormone outside of your own body was through human cadavers.

They would actually go into the brain to extract this material. Once it was discovered that Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease could actually be contracted through the use of HGH obtained in this manner, scientists then found a way to manufacture it on their own.

Made from over 190 amino acids, each encoded with a specific DNA sequence, all of the strands were encoded together artificially, creating the recumbent DNA that was used to produce rHGH. Today, protein secretion technology is actually developed using E. coli bacteria.

Although this sounds very dubious, it is actually a much safer process than ever before. The purification of any HGH made in this manner is very easy to do, and it is virtually identical to the human growth hormone that we create within our own bodies.

hghOnce the HGH is created, it then needs to be packaged and sold. People are then able to purchase the substance, and inject it into their bodies.

Using a combination of bacteriostatic water, and the HGH itself, it is easy to inject into the fat cells near the bellybutton, allowing this pharmaceutically produced human growth hormone to enter your body.

One of the primary reasons that people do this is that HGH is supposed to have many beneficial effects. This would include the facilitation of growth for shorter children still under the age of 21, the ability to fight osteoporosis, the enhancement of your overall performance, specifically in regard to strength, stamina and endurance.

It also has the ability to help bodybuilders and weightlifters build muscle in a similar manner as they did a much younger age. By regularly injecting HGH into your body, it can replicate how your body responded years ago when you were in your teens.

The use of needles for the injections is often an area of debate. In most cases, 29G Insulin pins with a half inch needle will work just fine fine, making sure to inject it into either the size of your stomach or near the bellybutton.

There are a significant amount of nerves in the bellybutton region, so be careful when injecting in this area. By using this size needle, you will be able to provide your body with the proper dosage of HGH on a regular basis, helping you to return your human growth hormone levels hopefully to normal.

Depending upon your toleration for needles, or if you have used insulin pins of this size before, it should be very easy to administer the human growth hormone without needing outside help.

The benefits of using human growth hormone in regard to building muscle mass, increasing your endurance, and having more energy than you have had in years, makes the use of HGH a very popular topic.hghmusclebuilding

Although most people understand the benefits of using this hormone, most people do not understand how the injection process works.

It is actually very simple to do, and by using the 20 9G half-inch needle insulin pins, you should be able to regularly administer this hormone to yourself without any problems or drawbacks at all.

Hopefully you will be able to gain access to HGH very soon, and start benefiting from all that it has to offer.

Although you may be much older than you were 20 years ago, thanks to the development of HGH, people today can begin to feel like they did in their youth using this miraculous substance on a regular basis.


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